Underneath it All


Emily & Emily Mentionables Founders


Hi there! Emily and Emily here. We were set up as friends through connections to the BYU MBA program while Emily Smith (right) and Emily Kelly's (left) husband are in grad school! Emily Kelly's husband set us up as friends and he was so right! Now we go on double dates and our hubbies talk sports while we talk lacies. We bond over our addictions to candy, fashion and our lingerie startup, Mentionables.


When we're not buried in lacy things you can find Emily Smith studying cases in MBA school or running her modest swimwear line, and Emily Kelly writing marketing emails for the tech world or frequenting candy trade shows. If we sound like your kind of internet friends you can find more updates on our respective blogs, Modest Goddess, and The Candy Blogger. 


Mentionables is a dream come true for both of us and we hope it is for you too! Through our commitment to carry classy styles, model-free product photos and pretty prices, we have set out to create a new lingerie shopping experience that leaves women feeling inspired, beautiful and empowered. We hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we do!


xoxo, Emily & Emily