7 Ways to Style Lingerie with an Outfit

seven ways to style lingerie with an outfit

Once upon a time, I never would have considered pairing lingerie with a streetwear outfit. Lingerie is something you hide under your clothes for a little surprise after dinner, or something you throw on for an anniversary or romantic night in. At least, that’s what it was in my mind.

But now, lingerie is more than that. Lingerie is something you can take to the streets as outerwear--you can actually style it with your regular clothes to create something soft, yet stunning and confident.

Let’s pause here. Some women may not even dare to take their lingerie to the streets as outerwear. It could be due to personal reasons, religious reasons, confidence issues, or it just may not be your style. You may even think it’s insane. I get that. I’m still not quite there myself. But that being said, it is so easy (and cute!) to style lingerie with your regular clothes. Plus, if you start wearing lingerie with your daily outfits, you’ll have an excuse to buy more cute lingerie!

So, here are our suggestions for styling lingerie with your outfits to feel feminine and beautiful all day long!

1. Let some lace peek out.

This one’s a simple, conservative style, but also soft and sophisticated. Slip on your lace bralette and pair it with a tank top or blouse that shows your little lacy straps or the upper hem of your bra. Lacy bralettes under summer dresses (with the lace peeking out) are also a perfect way to show off your lovely lace.

My favorite thing about wearing a little lace, especially in the summer, is that lacy bralettes are comfy and breathable in the heat. They’re perfect under summer tees, tanks, and dresses. In the fall, your bralette will be just as adorable paired with chunky sweaters and jeans. You’ll feel beautiful underneath and you’ll be more confident.

2. Slide your romper on over some lace

Those cute one-piece rompers are adorable with bralettes underneath. A little lace can go a long way. Wear matching panties and your outfit will be complete. You can even wear your romper over your swimsuit as a beach cover up, and voila: comfy and cute attire for the beach or poolside.

3.Grab a silky slip and some heels (or sneakers).

You know those cute, expensive slips that seem a little too fancy to be used just under dresses? Well, perhaps we’ve been using them wrong all this time. Pair that black, silky slip with some heels and a blazer and it won’t even look like you’re wearing underwear as outerwear.

4. Keep a pretty panty secret

Your prettiest panties don’t have to live in your top drawer for special occasions. Slide them on under your jeans and feel pretty and put together. You could even match them to your bralette or bra. Everyone deserves pretty underwear.

5. Be athleisurely darling

We’re talking about sporty bralettes with a tank top and leggings, perhaps with a cardigan or sweatshirt on top. Head to yoga, and then straight to errands for an excuse to wear your snug athletic, yet leisure wear all day long.

6. Throw on jeans and _____ (almost any piece of lingerie).

Jeans are the perfect item to pair with your lingerie. Combine your sheer (or not-so-sheer) one-piece teddy with some high-rise jeans and you’ll have a confident, bold, beautiful look. For some extra coverage, bring along a blazer or jacket. Here are all the jean/lingerie outfits we recommend:

Jeans & Bralette
Jeans & Sports Bra
Jeans & Bra
Jeans & Teddy
Jeans & Corset

You can add even more variety by wearing dark jeans, ripped jeans, denim cut off shorts, a jean jacket, etc. (Can you tell that we love jeans?

7. Get classy with a camisole & skirt.

Try tucking a satiny camisole into a fitted skirt. You’ve heard of business casual, right? This outfit adds a bit of flirtation to office apparel.

There’s a wardrobe full of options when it comes to pairing your lingerie with your street clothes. Some people even use their bathrobes as blazers, or pajama sets as business suits. (I know. It’s crazy.) But really, lingerie can add a little or a LOT of delicacy and poise to your outfit, depending on how you style it. Plus, don’t forget the shoes (heels, boots, Converse) and the accessories (hat, sunglasses, lipstick). The world’s about to get just a little more flirty and feminine, outside of the bedroom.💋💋





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