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"My husband has never liked lingerie. I thought it meant he didn't like my body in lingerie. My confidence took a major hit. Once he found Mentionables, he felt comfortable picking something out for me and he was excited for me to wear it. Knowing that my husband loves me and it has nothing to do with the lingerie is all because of you. You've made it so we can be intimate without me feeling compared to other women that my husband might see in lingerie ads. I also feel confident because I know that his hesitation to have me wear lingerie has to do with the ads and not me. Thank you for the confidence that you have given back to me. You'll never know how much it has meant. Thank you so much." - Heather | April 2020

"I've have been in a funk about my body for awhile and I thought maybe some cute lingerie would help. I'm sometimes plus size, sometimes not and it was amazing to be able to order things in my size. You really turned my week around and helped me remember that I do love my body. So I just wanted to thank you for all of that." - Amanda | April 2020

"Just want to say how thankful I am that you had the courage to take that step and pursue your vision and dreams! I have a severe thyroid disorder that went undiagnosed for most of my life, so I was always plus size no matter how hard I exercised, how much I dieted, nothing helped. But because none of my doctors caught the thyroid disorder, I was shamed and blamed for my weight issues. That led to a lot of self hatred, insecurity, and guilt. And the world only makes it harder by catering to a standard that is impossible. Even when I got engaged and closer to my wedding I hated the idea of trying to buy lingerie because no matter where I looked I knew I would not match the image of the model. I found Mentionables not long after I got married and it changed so much for me. It gave me a confidence. I learned to appreciate myself. And I loved that my hubby could look at the site and pick something out. We just celebrated our third anniversary and I bought a few things from Mentionables. I was so afraid to try them on (still have PTSD from years of never having anything fit right and never feeling attractive or beautiful). I waited until he went to work and then tried them on in secret. I cried. Not only did they fit perfect, they were comfortable (so important to me since I’m only 5 months postpartum!), flattering, and I FELT beautiful." - Kristen | November 2019

"Thank you for having a shop that is so comfortable to go to! Usually when I look for lingerie I end up giving up because I can never find anything I would feel good in, or that’s affordable. For the first time ever I can look at everything and it’s hard to decide because every piece is so amazing!" - Alyssa | October 2019

"Thank you so much! Your shop has been instrumental in my husband and I’s marriage! I LOVE that I can fearlessly ask my hubby for his opinion and that he can confidently go look on his own and not feel uncomfortable. I love that it encourages integrity, honor, and feeling safe and loved! You’ve got a customer for life!" - Kristen | October 2019

"Thanks for creating beautiful pieces that are inclusive for all body-types. Much happier (and more likely to) impulse purchase on brands such as your own!" - Anonymous | October 2019

"So thankful for you guys! just found you and for the first time in my marriage, I didn't feel insecure shopping on a lingerie site. I was able to imagine myself instead of compare to what the model looks like showcasing a piece. Also, I felt comfortable enough to send a screenshot of a piece I LOVE to my husband because he was able to just see a mannequin or flat lay! Thank you for being so intentional.... it made me feel so safe!" - Holly | October 2019

"This company is empowering women to feel comfortable in some very beautiful pieces of lingerie. After having a baby, I no longer "looked the same" in my old lingerie. I looked everywhere for something to make me feel beautiful again. That is when I stumbled upon Mentionables. I didn't have to compare myself to the models, because THERE ARE NONE. How empowering. Seriously, I've never felt so beautiful. This isn't just about this one piece of lingerie, it's about changing the outlook we have on ourselves. Thank you Mentionables for empowering me to feel beautiful again. It was worth every penny."  - Shandel | June 2019

"Holy guacamole. I’m in love!!! I bought some lingerie for the honeymoon and I am BLOWN AWAY! Not only was the shopping experience easy and stress free, but my new pieces make me feel absolutely beautiful. I will buy from here again, I will recommend it to all of my friends."  - Olivia | June 2019

"Just wanted to say I love love love that you don‚Äôt use models for you products. There‚Äôs nothing more devastating than getting a cute new piece of underwear to feel sexy in and realizing that, ‚Äúoh it was only cute on the size 2 model not the size 8 me...‚ÄĚ so thank you for making it easier to love me and all my curves."¬†- Caitlyn | May 2019

"This website is amazing. I'm really insecure about my body and my husband has always wanted to shop for lingerie for me. I've never allowed him to because I get insecure of the idea that he will see models that are "skinnier" and "have better bodies" than me when he shops. I also get so insecure shopping for myself. Finding your website has made all the difference. Thank you!" - Bria | April 2019

"We just got in our last order and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for beautiful products! Thank you for making things look lovely and that let my wife feel extra beautiful. Thank you for your prompt, detailed, and patient customer service, so far that has been one of the most notable and admirable aspects of your business. Thank you most of all for creating a place for wholesome or religious or self-conscious individuals to shop for something completely acceptable in a way that does not bother the conscience, disturb the relationship or the individual, and that does not project an idealistic yet unattainable body image. Thank you for making this easy and fun and very cute as it all ought to be. We are both very thankful for all of that. I felt you ought to know that." - Jason | November 2018

"I appreciate what you guys do! It makes it fun for both my wife and I to find exciting things without me feeling like I'm doing something inappropriate." - Jordan | September 2018

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you! Y'all are solving a problem I didn't even know I had. I love lingerie and of course my hubby likes it too. He doesn't like walking around stores and I don't want to send him looking at stuff online. So usually it's a buy something black guessing game. Now he can shop for what he likes and I don't have to worry about comparing myself to who he's already seen wearing it. So excited to show him your site and order something for a fun upcoming getaway weekend. Love this!" - Olivia | August 2018

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for running a first class establishment. I know my husband feels free to buy form you without the guilt trip that is normally associated with lingerie shopping for some men. Thanks again!" - Ashlyn | August 2018

"I've recently started to think about buying something nice for our wedding night, but have only felt awkward shopping on lingerie sites. I heard about your website and searched it up and immediately got excited. Your pieces are so beautiful and elegant, and the skin-free atmosphere makes the experience so much more enjoyable and confidence-building. I'm also very glad to know there is a place my future husband and I can shop for pretty things together in the future! Thank you so much for doing what you are doing in a clean and respectable way." - Sara | July 2018

"Thank you for creating a brand that is not only comfortable for men to shop fro, but comfortable for women to wear!" - Vanessa | July 2018

"I found your store not too long ago and I am obsessed! I have already ordered two outfits and a bridal set for my sister! Thank you so much for creating beautiful pieces that encourage us to love our own skin." - Danielle | June 2018

"I LOVE what you guys are doing. Before losing weight, I was always so discouraged when I looked at lingerie and it made me feel like I wasn't worthy of feeling sexy because I didn't look like the girls on the website. Hell, I've lost 179lbs and I still feel like that some days. I appreciate what you are putting into the world." - Kathleen | June 2018

"I want to tell you how much I love and support your concept of not having models! Your site is safe for my (soon to be) husband to shop for me without feeling like a creep and I can shop for myself without feeling insecure. Your prices are very reasonable and all of your products are so cute and classy!" - Taylor | April 2018

"My package just arrived and I am speechless. Your brand and packaging are on point and I don’t think I’ve ever seen classier, prettier lingerie in my life. I am a HUGE fan. Please keep up the amazing work!!" - Kristin | February 2018

"I am too excited to be emailing you. I just received my first Mentionables piece -- the black lacy plunge neck teddy. I felt so special putting it on for the first time. It is seriously sexy and so stunning! The material is durable and well crafted, yet so feminine. I can't stop checking myself out! 

Like many women, there are many days I don't feel sexy. Some lingerie actually lowers my self confidence, especially when I order something that is being modeled by a size 2, busty, airbrushed woman. I have cellulite. I have hips. I have a belly that is stretched from carrying babies for 9 months. The last thing I want to do is to be wearing something that brings attention to those flaws. But when I put on my first Mentionables lingerie piece, I immediately forgot about those flaws and saw myself as the beautiful, powerful, loving woman that I am! You have designed the piece to complement everything I love about my body and bring out the most feminine of qualities." - Sydney | January 2018

"I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate what you are doing! I love that I can buy clothing and not feel like I'm supposed to look a certain way because it looked different on a model. I never wear lingerie. EVER. And I took a leap and bought from you guys and I seriously felt so much more comfortable than I ever have. I still have a long way to go in feeling confident but I wanted to tell you thank you for helping me with that!" - Brittany | January 2018

"I ordered a piece from you both a few weeks ago. It is beyond beautiful and fits perfectly. I was a little uneasy about ordering because of sizing, but your plus size is spot on. I'm a mom of 4. My kids have been my top priority for the last 15 years. I'm 36 and well, a mom. I'm all about leggings and tennis shoes and oversized sweatshirts. Your Mentionables are helping bring back the spark to my eyes. Thank you again. I hope both of you and this company is successful for many many years to come." - Heidi | December 2017

"Can I just say how thankful I am for your company? I purchased some new things during your sale and I can't wait to add them to my Mentionables collection. I just got a Victoria's Secret advertisement in the mail and it felt so good to just put it straight in the trash. So thankful for a good, wholesome, small business to support and purchase from! I really love the pieces I have so far and so does my husband! I just can't even tell you how thankful I am for your company!" - Rachel | December 2017

"I had two kids and was struggling with loving my new bod. I recently went to my sister-in-law's bachelorette party and after seeing all the cute stuff she got, I realized that I had not even though about that kind of thing since getting pregnant with my first baby! So I waited until black Friday with you guys and I feel so pretty in them!" - Megan | December 2017

"I got married at the beginning of October, and since my date was just out of peak "wedding season" range, I could not find bridal lingerie ANYWHERE. The week of the wedding came around and I still didn't have anything to wear on my wedding night, and I was in a panic, so I emailed you desperately seeing if you were restocking. Mentionables saved me a teddy, and held it aside until I could come get it amid my wedding preparations. You guys were lifesavers, super affordable, and the piece was gorgeous- way cuter than anything I could find at other well-known lingerie stores. THANK YOU for saving me some stress and helping me have the perfect wedding day!" - Megan | October 2017

"Had to send a quick message to say thank you! Thank you for keeping your website classy and beautiful. Your line is flawless and I can't wait to order! It's refreshing to just see the pieces for the pieces and not the women behind them. Again, your style and product is beautiful. Will definitely be sharing your Instagram account to my friends!" - Kait | October 2017

"Oh my goodness. I got my first order in the mail today. I was scared because I'm only seven weeks post part. Let me just say I give you 5/5 stars. It's smoking hot, makes me feel gorgeous even though I just had a baby and the quality is way beyond what I thought it was going to be considering the prices. Amazing! So happy I found Mentionables!" - Ciara | September 2017

"I just came across your page through a suggested post through Facebook. I want to tell you how amazing you are, it seriously makes me want to cry. A way for women to feel beautiful about ourselves and not fee like we are doing something wrong by shopping for lingerie! We often talk about not letting our husbands shop for us, but I am not even comfortable looking at lingerie on models. I will most definitely be shopping with you in the near future. Thank you, thank you!" - Audrey | September 2017

"So I just received my first order and I want to let you know how thrilled I am. The order was shipped very quickly, beautifully packaged,  beautiful and high-quality piece, and affordable. So so amazing, I can't say enough good about my experience ordering from you. What a great company!" - Christina | September 2017

"I just received the Floral Lace Caged Bralette and the Floral Embroidery Strappy Bralette and I am absolutely in love!!! It's so hard to find pieces like this that are cute, comfy, and have a little bit of support. The material, the fit and the look are all perfect. I will be ordering again from you very very soon!!! Thank you so much!!" - Yais | July 2017

"I love how easy everything was to order and I absolutely loved my outfit! Thank you guys!" - Cait | July 2017

"Thank you for being so respectful to our husbands! I just adore that y'all are model free so that our husbands can shop for us!" - Anonymous | June 2017

"Everything is so so pretty! And I LOVE that you don't use models! I can finally shop for pretty things WITH my husband! Thank you, thank you!" - Elizabeth | June 2017

"I just want to say THANK YOU for starting this model-free lingerie shop!! I LOVE lingerie, but I always feel like I have to look at it in secret! Your shop has changed that! I know I can browse your shop on my lunch break without feeling like a pervert, I can open your emails while I'm sitting on my couch without worrying that my young sons will see a half naked lady, and I can show a picture of the lingerie to my husband to ask if he likes it without worrying that he's seeing another woman wearing it! You guys seriously have done such an amazing thing for the lingerie world!! Thank you so much!!" - Rebecca | May 2017

"After having a baby, and my body currently being "under construction", lingerie can feel intimidating... Enter Mentionables!" - Kat | April 2017

"I am in love with Mentionables and the amazing quality and customer service." - Maegan | April 2017

"I was just telling my husband about you guys and the cool business you started and he says "That is a really good name! I knew it was lingerie before you even told me. That's awesome." I just thought that was great and I should tell you. You guys are awesome." - Josee | March 2017