Making Mentionables More Sustainable

We operate responsibly.

We currently design our garments here in the U.S. and we manufacture them with a factory located in China that specializes in lingerie. 

Our factory is BSCI certified which stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative. Working with a BSCI certified factory has special advantages, it means that the factory:

  • + Offers fair wages
  • + Creates a clean, safe working environment
  • + Does not participate in forced or child labor
  • + Implements policies and procedures to protect the environment
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    Boats vs. Planes? We'll take the boat.

    Talk about smarter shipping.

    We transport our goods by boat. This takes a little bit longer than shipping by air, but it reduces the carbon fuel emissions by as much as 20 to 30 times the rate of shipping by cargo planes. 

    Boating our goods means our team needs to plan more in advance to make sure our goods arrive on time, but it's worth it to do our part on making the earth a cleaner and greener place.

    80% Adoption Rate

    Most apparel brands over develop, over sample, and produce a lot of unnecessary waste throughout decision-making process.

    On average, only around 25-40% of styles are ultimately purchased and adopted by most brands.

    This process wastes time, energy, and resources on garments that end up getting dropped before they even get to be sold. At Mentionables, our adoption rate of styles we sample vs styles we buy is top notch. 

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    We take customer feedback seriously. 

    Instead of offering just what we believe you want, we actually listen to customer requests and comments.

    At Mentionables, we buy based on actual customer interest and feedback. This means we develop smarter and with the end-user at the heart of our most important ordering decisions. 

    The vast majority of our products are sold at full price instead of discarded to landfills because we have a crystal clear idea of what our customers actually want.

    Recycled Packaging

    Our boxes are recycled from post consumer waste like newspapers, cardboard, and magazines. They are also 100% recyclable, too! 

    We are also making a shift towards using recycled polybags and paper hangtags on all of our garments to continue to do our part when it comes to packaging.

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    Carefully Curated

    We don't mess around when it comes to deciding what to buy.

    We love treating our lingerie collections like it's an exhibit at your favorite museum. Thoughtful, organized, and carefully curated so you have only the best to pick from!

    By offering small, exclusive collections, we can buy more of the styles we know you'll love. 

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