A Woman's (and Man's) Guide to Lingerie Styles


A woman's relationship with her lingerie is like that with her wine-red, daring lipstick.

Like lipstick, lingerie is not necessary for beauty and need not be worn every day; instead you may put it on as an extra layer of confidence, femininity, or personality to complement your already glorious self. Like lipstick, it may be intimidating at first (but we promise, you can pull it off!)

Lingerie is worn first for you, can be worn alone or with love, and needs no occasion, though it suits one well, adding an element of moxie to your plans or lack thereof.

Just as with lipstick and its many shades, lingerie comes in many styles to accentuate different elements of the body. As you shop for your top drawer, consider these lingerie styles.


Lingerie shopping for your wife can be an uneasy, challenging pursuit. Lucky for you, Mentionables has made lingerie shopping easy and stress-free with our guide and accompanying model-free photos. As you shop for your wife, it will be helpful to understand the following common lingerie types.



The teddy is a one-piece bodysuit, shaped like a swimsuit. It’s typically made out of sheer material, but can also be padded. Many teddies come with snap closures. The perfect piece to feel sexy in. Shop teddies >




The babydoll, as it sounds, is a piece of lingerie for the chic, feminine woman. It’s akin to a flowy night dress with a fitted top and skirt that falls just above the upper thighs. Babydolls are flattering on all body types and perfect for all stages of a woman’s body, from newlywed to postpartum. Shop babydolls >



The chemise is the babydoll’s taut counterpart—a short night dress that hugs all the right places, adding definition to curves. Shop chemises >



A bralette is an unstructured bra with no wiring and can be padded, lined, or sheer. . It’s an everyday underthing that can also be worn as lingerie. Shop bralettes >



Sets come with a matching top and bottom. For those that want to feel beautiful and confident while showing a little skin. Shop sets >

And a few more lingerie types to learn while you're here...



Camisoles are a thin, lingerie tank top and can be worn with or without a bra. They’re comfortable for sleeping in, too, or layering with your everyday outfit.


A romper is a loose, one-piece garment with flowy shorts that extend to the mid-thigh and a connected strappy top or blouse. They're the perfect way to change up your lingerie game. Shop rompers > 



A garter is a stretchy band worn around the upper thigh often used in wedding games. 



A thong is a panty with very thin, strappy material that covers the front regions, but is revealing in the back. Shop thongs >


Panties are typical underwear that can also be used as lingerie and pairs well with a bralette. Shop panties >

Padded Pieces

Padded pieces include inserted cups for added shape and coverage of the bust. Shop padded >


And don't forget, you can always refer to our SILHOUETTE GUIDE when searching for the perfect piece!


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