Bridal Shower Gifts For Every Girl In Your Squad

Bridal Shower Gifts for Every Girl in Your Squad

Yes, she’s getting married and you’re convinced to get her a unique, thoughtful bridal shower gift. She’s your best friend, your roommate, your childhood friend or even your sister. And you can’t wait to surprise her with a charmingly perfect gift.

Here at Mentionables, we’re head over heels for gifts that are based on personality. Here are some pretty, sophisticated gifts for your bride-to-be (that pair perfectly with a little something lacy!).

flower subscription

For the girly girl:

  • A “Just for Her” basket with a bath bomb, makeup, nail polish, face mask, or anything that will make her feel special and beautiful
  • A flower subscription, because what girl wouldn't love fresh flowers delivered to her monthly?
  • Something blue for her wedding day (like our darling light blue bralette)
  • Fuzzy socks and slippers

For the hopeless romantic:

  • A marriage journal with prompts to fill out before or after the wedding day (we love Promply's Love Story Journal)
  • A Date Box subscription for date night each month
  • A Mentionables gift card with a note for the couple to pick out favorite items together after the wedding day (or even before!)
  • Anything that says, “Mrs.” or “Bride”
  • A candle or two (our favorites are Capri Blue Volcano candles!)


For the travel-obsessed:

  • A cute passport case
  • Bathroom tote bag
  • Lightweight robe for luxurious spa trips
  • Camera accessories
  • Antique photo frame that she’ll treasure

For the classy bride:

  • Bedtime reads like “Whiskey in a Teacup” by Reese Witherspoon
  • Coffee tables books that might include a bit of love poetry, because she is getting married after all!
  • A gift card to her favorite restaurant
  • Home decor like geode bookends, cozy blankets or accent throw pillows (you really can't go wrong with anything from Joanna Gaines' home line at Target - classy, cute and affordable!)
  • A new plant or two (hanging succulent or a beautiful green house plant)

For the cook:

  • Cookbook holder/stand so you can try a new recipe without worrying about losing your page
  • Wooden or marble cutting/cheese board (get the wedding date engraved perhaps). We love this one!
  • Pots and pans (we love rose gold kitchen accessories!)
  • Knife set

I’m almost convinced to go out and buy myself half of these gifts (only because I already own the other half)! If you’re excited about a possible gift, you know she will be too.

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