Ladies, Send This to Your Man Before Valentine's Day

Hey there! Valentine's Day is coming up and your special someone just forwarded you this post as a hint. So please read very carefully. As you may have noticed, this blog is written on a site called Mentionables. We sell lingerie, but don't worry — our photos contain no models, only clothing. So feel free to look around and get a little something for your special someone, no guilt required.

To help you along the way, here are some tips and Valentine’s Day ideas. Consider this a man’s guide to buying lingerie.

valentines day lingerie styles

Don’t be overwhelmed. Find something that matches her style.

Not all lingerie is the same. She may prefer something sleek and black (like this soft teddy), or a beautiful bold red (like this lace and mesh babydoll).

If you’re stuck, take a look through her closet — maybe even look through her top drawer to see what she already has and don’t forget to check her size! Pay attention to the colors she prefers. Are they bright or pale? Does she like to accentuate certain areas of her figure, or hide others?

If you’re lost just with the vocabulary — words like teddy and babydoll — spruce up your knowledge with our guide to lingerie styles.

Now back to your girl. If she’s a little more reserved, consider a pretty robe or this darling shorts and cami set. She’ll love wearing these dreamy pieces as she gets ready for the day, or settles in for a cozy evening.

For a more bold and fun look, get her a lacy set like this one, or really, anything sheer or mesh.

Although you may prefer certain styles, remember that this gift is for her too. Just ask yourself, “Will this make her feel confident and comfortable?”

valentines day lingerie guide

When will she wear it?

This may be obvious, but we wanted to throw a quick reminder in. There are some lingerie types that will be reserved for special occasions or romantic nights in (i.e. Valentine’s Day or anniversaries). That would be pieces like babydolls and chemises. However, there are some pieces that she may love to wear throughout the week, slipped under her regular day clothes, to make her feel gorgeous underneath it all. That includes bralettes, panties, and even a teddy layered with a cardigan or blazer to take the piece from day to night.

As you think about what you want to buy her, consider what occasion you want it to be for. Would she love a new sleek piece for the two of you to enjoy, or would she prefer a delicate, sexy piece she can wear a little more frequently? Women usually love both types, so you can’t go wrong! Maybe treat her to both ;)

Surprise her!

She already knows, or at least hopes, that you’ll get her a little romantic gift, but she sent you this link so that you could pick it out for her! So take a look around. We even have a collection just for Valentine’s Day!

Get her a whole set and impress her with your sensitive taste. You could even present the gift as part of a romantic plot, filling the bath for her, lighting some candles, and laying her new lingerie out on her dresser.

Remember, this site is approved by your significant other. Finally, you can enjoy buying lingerie!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mentionables!

P.S. She already knows that you are going to get her new lingerie, so go a step farther and get her another small gift too! She may have read this part, but she won’t know what other ideas you have up your sleeve. And don’t forget the roses (and chocolate). Good luck!


  • Sue Wojciechowski

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  • Juda James

    My life partner loves to wear sexy lingerie and they have a huge collection of stylish and sexy lingerie. Thanks for this amazing suggestion. I will gift to her on a special occasion recently I have bought many from Share this types of more useful posts.

  • Ethan

    I think this is the best collection to gift my partner on her birthday. Me and my gf both are love to wear the lingerie, sexy panties as a mens i also refer the for sexy and exciting stuff. Thanks to given me such a good ideas , i feel regret that i have never checked you blog on valentines day.

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