Lingerie Travel Checklist

lingerie travel checklist

The anticipation of a summer vacation brings happiness, joy and (hopefully) stress-free excitement. We believe your packing list should make you feel the same way! Underthings are often the last thing we think about and throw in the suitcase, when really, they should be the first thing you think about when packing your outfits. After all, what you wear underneath sets the mood for how you feel and what is going to work for the rest of your outfit.

Save room in your suitcase and pack pieces that serve multiple purposes. We've narrowed it down to a few key pieces (that pack light and cover every need) to remember for every kind of getaway. 

chic pajama set

1. Chic Pajama Set

Whether your plans are snuggling up to a book or cuddling with your babe, don't forget a pajama set that keeps you cool, comfy and feeling like a queen. Pair a satin pajama cami during the day with cutoff denim shorts and sandals for the perfect casual look.


2. Comfy Bralettes

Comfort is key when it comes to travel. A lacy bralette that lies against your skin seamlessly and is breathable will keep you cool in hot temps. Pair a bralette under your favorite dress or flowy top for a day on-the-go.

padded teddy

3. Double Duty Teddy

When it comes to packing light, a teddy that serves multiple purposes is essential! Bring along a teddy that is either padded or lined. Wear it alone for a little nighttime romance or pair it during the day with a skirt for a fun, flirty look. Just add a sun hat and you're golden.

Find the perfect piece for your next vacation in our new Wanderlust Collection!

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