Why You Shouldn't Forget Date Night

Why you shouldn't forget date night

I don’t know about you, but before I married my husband and we were dating, ‘date night’ didn’t even cross my mind because, well, it was date night almost every day. Our relationship status was dating itself. Finding time to spend together between college classes, work and roommates was our date night. And of course, we had plenty of nights out too getting to know each other while trying out new restaurants and exciting activities around town.

We were falling in love and date night was part of the deal.

But after we got married, we started to spend a lot of time together, but time that you wouldn’t really consider ‘dating’. We’re doing dishes, grocery shopping, taking the dog for a walk, you know, doing what people do. As a married couple, it’s beautiful to have a partner through it all, but it’s often not the tingle-in-your-stomach “I’m going on a date” sort of feeling.

And it is way too easy to forget about date night, and just go on living your life, keeping your routine. Work, dinner, dishes or whatever your schedule may be. But you know what? Date night is way more important when the vows are said and the knot is tied. Because you have to work… well, let’s not call it work. You have to act to keep your relationship beautiful and exciting. You married your spouse for a reason, but those butterflies can fall asleep when you forget to acknowledge them. Date night as a married couple helps you keep that amazing commitment you made to one another.

Date night is invaluable time that you set aside to spend together romantically, to reminisce about the times when you were just falling in love, and to fall in love all over again.

So bring it on, date night. The two of you, in the living room having a picnic, or out on the town enjoying a show. Hello us, whimsically hand-in-hand, side-by-side, and goodbye here or there, nonchalantly carrying out the day-in, day-out routine.

And hello date night benefits:

  • Reminisce the times when you fell in love
  • Improve communication (You have time for just the two of you to talk)
  • Helps you de-stress (How can you not when you’re out on the town having fun?)
  • Stronger commitment to one another
  • Going out may seem expensive, but it’s cheaper to go on dates occasionally, than to pay for a divorce lawyer (sorry, not sorry for bringing up this one!)
  • Reignite your spark!

Let date night be romantic, comical, adventurous, classy, casual. Let it be what your relationship needs to keep it fresh and flirty. Just don’t let it be something you forget. And don’t forget your mentionables. ;)

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  • Bill Harris

    Totally believe in date nights the way it used be. Keep the intimacy alive.

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