6 Surprising Perks of Pineapple in the Bedroom

pineapple in the bedroom

Have you heard of the perks of pineapple before bed theory? Basically, the claim is that eating pineapple during the day can make you smell and taste sweeter, down there. This trending tip is buzzing around social media and has us curious – does it actually work? 

Research has shown that eating foods like asparagus, onions, and garlic can make your pee and sweat smell different, so why not in your nether regions too? While the verdict is still out on this one, adding more pineapple to your diet has a ton of other sexual benefits. 

Let’s take a look at six surprising perks of pineapple that can keep you in your sexual prime:

Remember, each body is different.

Before we dive into the sexual perks of pineapple, keep in mind that bodies are different and individual – what may be true for some, may not be for others. Healthy genitals have a unique odor and taste; they are not meant to smell like roses or taste like a decadent ice cream flavor. 

And that’s ok. You don’t NEED to change that. 

Unless there’s a strong scent or flavor that suggests an infection in your nether region, everything else is considered to be normal. But if you are curious to see if there is room for improvement in your sexual health, here are six ways eating pineapple can help:


Who wouldn’t want extra energy to make it through the day, while also still having something in the tank for later? Thanks to some superstar vitamins found in pineapple, namely vitamin C and thiamine (Vitamin B1), you can get that added boost of energy to last all day and night. 

These two vitamins can help your body:

  • Process energy quicker 
  • Create new red blood cells
  • Give more oxygen to your tissues and organs
  • Reduce inflammation and improve your blood flow

All of these benefits translate to one important point: more energy. Who knew the key to unlocking more zest for life and in the bedroom could be so easy and delicious? 

Keep reading to learn more about the unexpected perks of pineapple: 


With more energy may also come a greater desire for intimacy with your partner. One of the main perks of pineapple is that it contains several vitamins and minerals that support libido.

Here’s a rundown of the top ones:

  1. Vitamin C and thiamine not only put some pep in your step but also boost your mood with oxytocin and endorphins, AKA the happy hormones. 
  2. Bromelain, found in pineapple, raises the production of hormones, especially testosterone, which is the driving force behind sexual desire in both men and women. 
  3. Zinc balances testosterone so there’s the perfect amount for drive and performance. 
  4. Estradiol is another hormone women need for libido and pineapple helps produce it.
  5. Manganese is vital for men’s sex drive and pineapple is loaded with it. Eating just one cup of fresh pineapple gives men 67% of their daily needed dose. Pretty neat, right?


Strong sexual stamina and good sleep go hand-in-hand. So while you’re munching on pineapple to gear up for a memorable night, you’re also prepping your body for a good night’s rest. 

Magnesium and melatonin, also found in pineapple, regulate our internal wake-sleep cycles, which can help us feel more rested and energized for intimate activity, especially for women. 

Manganese has also been shown to improve the mobility of sperm and aid in the fertilization process. Adding to that, antioxidants can help increase sperm count and fertilization. 


Inflammation is terrible to have anywhere, but it's particularly annoying in the most intimate areas of your body. Pain, irritation, loss of sensitivity, and restricted blood flow are just a few of the symptoms of an inflamed pelvic area. You may be wondering – can eating pineapple help?  

Here are some of the most powerful enzymes and nutrients found in pineapple: 

  • Antioxidants (flavonoids and phenolic acids)
  • Vitamin C 
  • Fiber 
  • Bromelain 
  • Potassium

Absorbing these nutrients allows blood to flow more freely throughout your body (for both men and women). The main benefit for men is easier arousal and stronger/harder erections. For women, it means an increase in clitoral stimulation and a tighter fit with penetration. 

Now that’s a great perk of pineapple.


Did you know that pineapples are made up of 85-89% water? Eating the spiky fruit can help you get more water into your body each day. But why does hydration matter when it comes to sex? 

Drinking plenty of water keeps the vagina lubricated, while also diluting vaginal secretions, making the taste and smell less potent. The same applies to men with their semen. 

Staying hydrated flushes out bacteria and toxins which can affect taste and smell too.  


Time to address our original question – does eating pineapple affect the smell and taste of your genitals? To give you a concrete answer, let’s go over some things about your body’s PH levels:

Pineapples are an acidic fruit. For women, healthy vaginal PH levels are typically acidic, but adding more acid from pineapples, in theory, could make things taste and smell sweeter. On the other hand, men’s sperm is naturally more alkaline (bitter-tasting). By taking acid in, it can potentially alter a man’s alkaline PH to make it more acidic, thereby becoming sweeter.

PROTIP: Fresh pineapple is recommended over pineapple juice as it may have more added sugars than the natural fruit. Make sure to only eat a few servings a day. Eating too much pineapple or snacking on one that isn’t ripe may cause an upset stomach, heartburn, and more.

In Conclusion: The Perks of Pineapple Are Next-Level (Especially in the Bedroom)

While there isn’t hard evidence to support the claim, adding pineapple to your diet boosts your sexual health and more. If you decide to test out this fun (and tasty) theory, make sure to slip on one of our beautiful lingerie pieces to give you even more confidence in the bedroom.   

Which of the perks of pineapple we mentioned above were you the most interested to learn about? Let us know if the theory rings true for you!

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