Top 5 List of the Best Bedroom Toys For Women to Spice up Your Sex Life

We know intimacy is important to you and your relationship – but sometimes life gets in the way and makes prioritizing it difficult. When you are so busy, putting extra effort and energy into spicing things up in the bedroom is hard. However, the last thing you want is sex to be another thing on your to-do list each week. We say no to duty sex.

So how can you add excitement to your intimate relationship with minimal prep? 

Hint: Toys

But which ones are worth the money? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We researched the most highly recommended, body-safe products by an expert certified sex therapist (Vanessa Marin) and asked our customers to share their favorite bedroom toys for women. Keep reading to find out which toys made our top five. 

How Can Toys Bring More Novelty?

While different positions, locations, and roleplay are common tips for keeping things interesting, toys are another way to enhance your experience in the bedroom. 

Toys can:

  • Create unique sensations that are different from what a partner can provide.
  • Stimulate female pleasure spots during intercourse.
  • Help achieve orgasm when manual stimulation or penetration alone isn’t enough.
  • Increase the chance of having multiple orgasms. 
  • Produce varying orgasm intensities. 

Excited yet?

Let’s get to the goods on our list of the best bedroom toys for women. 


A bullet vibrator is a great beginner tool if you are new to toys. This one from the trusted brand Lelo, is high-quality, easy to use, and has rave reviews. 

Some key features are:

  • It’s waterproof so you can use it in the tub, the shower, or…. you can fill in the blank.
  • The remote works independently from the bullet vibrations – this means you can pick a vibration mode on the vibrator and another on the remote for blended sensations. (Think of the possibilities!)
  • The remote activates with simple wrist motions so your partner can discreetly surprise you with an unexpected buzz, even from afar. 
  • It stimulates all parts of the body, not just erogenous zones.
  • It is small enough that it can fit between you and your partner during intercourse for extra stimulation to ensure mutual pleasure. 

With such versatility, it’s no wonder why experts and our customers can’t get enough of this toy, and why it’s included in our list of recommended bedroom toys for women.  

The Lyla 2 Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator with Wireless Remote by Lelo


This pick is a classic and a personal favorite toy for Vanessa Marin.

It’s the number one top-selling personal massager over the last 30 years.

This wand massager stands the test of time thanks to some special features. A few of these include:

  1. A large bulb head that deeply and intensely arouses intimate areas while also perfect for relieving tight body muscles. 
  2. A plug for an outlet (vs. battery-powered) to produce powerful vibrations, anytime, for as long as you want. No need to wait for a recharge.
  3. Additional attachments for purchase that can be used for internal (G-Spot) and external (clitoris) stimulation. 
  4. Simple high/low settings, making it easy to operate. 

PROTIP: The low setting has been said to be more than enough sensation so many women place a towel between the wand and their body during use.

It's an OG for a reason and had to be in our top five bedroom toys for women.

The Original Magic Wand Massager


We-Vibe is a beloved company by both Vanessa and our customers. While we could have included many of their products on this list, their G-Spot Rave vibrator is a stand-out. 

This toy has:

  • An innovative ridged head design that maximizes pleasure when you twist the device.
  • More than ten vibration modes to find your perfect amount and type of stimulation. 
  • A whisper-quiet setting for privacy.
  • Special waterproof coating to enjoy in water.
  • An app that allows the device to be turned on from anywhere and create even more customized sensations.

PROTIP: This device is a great way to have fun when apart, like when your partner is on a work trip or stuck at the office till late. 

We-Vibe Rave G-Spot Vibrator


Another popular recommendation for best bedroom toys for women is this one-of-a-kind vibrator that does more than vibrate. It incorporates cutting-edge, touch-free, clitoral stimulation with air or liquid pulse vibrations. 

What is THAT you ask?

Liquid-Air Technology mimics the feeling of pulsing water – like jets in a hot tub. With a special silicone cap over the mouth of the vibrator, you can experience gentler but more direct clitoral pressure (like when being sprayed with water) that takes your pleasure to a whole new level. Yes, please!

The Air-Pulse Technology in this device provides non-contact clitoral suction and pulsations of air with up to 11 pressure wave patterns. You can also add in 12 different modes of vibration.

PROTIP: This vibrator is stronger underwater, so best to use during a bath or shower. It’s waterproof, quiet, and rechargeable. Romantic bubble bath anyone?

Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 Clitoral Stimulator


We may have saved the best pick of bedroom toys for women for last. This unique vibrator stimulates the clitoris AND G-spot at the same time for double the satisfaction. 

It combines Pleasure-Air Technology (airwaves) with powerful massaging of the G-Spot for a blended orgasm experience, even in water. If it’s too much for you, you can separate the sensations. There are 14 pressure intensity levels and 12 vibration modes to choose from. 

Another original feature of this toy is called Smart Silence: The vibrator activates only when touching the skin and turns off when removed. Why is this helpful? It starts working as soon as you are ready so you can stay in the moment and helps reduce noise. There is also an option, Afterglow, that lowers the amount of stimulation when finishing your experience by pressing the power button.

Womanizer Duo 2 Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

PROTIP: Be sure to wash toys after each use to keep them in tip-top shape. To clean, use either an antibacterial cleanser or warm water and soap. Let toys air-dry completely before putting them away.

Adding Spice to the Bedroom Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Or Overwhelming

Don’t overcomplicate things. Sometimes extra stimulation, (with the help of a good toy), is all you need to turn a typical intimate experience from routine to out of this world

Wearing something new in the bedroom is another easy, effortless way to ramp up the excitement. Don’t forget to pick up a new lingerie piece from one of our many collections to go with your new toy.   

For more recommendations on bedroom toys for women and tips on how to level up your sex life, check out Vanessa Marin on her Instagram page and her website

Happy shopping and let us know which new toy you want to try!

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