Bring Sexy Back With These Fun Things to Spice Up the Bedroom

Have things gotten a little stale in the bedroom? 

Do you have a go-to sex routine that feels a bit predictable? 

We get it – life is busy, especially if you have kids. But spicing things up in the bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as adding a few new items or a unique experience into the mix, like the Mentionables Bedroom Dice Game or even our luxe Massage Candle.

To get you out of a sexual rut, we’ve come up with a list of fun ideas to spice up the bedroom. 

Spoiler: They’ll inspire you to transform a typical intimate encounter into an exhilarating rendezvous that gives you the tingles the next day and beyond. Keep reading to learn more:

Why Does Keeping Things Spicy In the Bedroom Matter?

Studies show that couples who prioritize a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship have:

  • A stronger emotional bond 
  • Safety for open communication and trust 
  • More satisfaction overall with the relationship 
  • An easier time withstanding challenges

Even more, couples who have a satisfying sex life can experience less daily stress. This is thanks to the chemical oxytocin (AKA the love hormone) that is released at the height of pleasure. Oxytocin not only minimizes cortisol in your body (which causes you to feel stressed) but also bonds you to your partner for a double win.

Ready to learn more? Check out our ideas of fun things to spice up the bedroom:

Fun Things to Spice Up the Bedroom: The Mentionables Netflix and Chill Massage Candle

While this may seem like a cliché suggestion for fun things to spice up the bedroom, don’t underestimate the power of a good massage. If sex is just a quickie at the end of the night after the kids are in bed, then a slow, intimate massage can be a welcome change of pace. 

Our Netflix and Chill candle not only helps to set the romantic mood with soft lighting and a delicious berry scent, but it doubles as a massage oil, as well. 

To use the candle: Light it and let it burn for at least 20 minutes. Once a generous amount of wax has melted, blow out the flame and pour or scoop the wax with a finger onto your partner’s skin. Spread the wax around and begin massaging for a soothing break from the day's grind. 

PROTIP: Create a playlist during the massage that helps you or your partner relax and focus on the pleasurable sensations. Ocean, nature sounds, or spa music like this playlist works well. 

Fun Things to Spice Up the Bedroom: Mentionables Dice and Card Games

Intimate games are a fantastic way to liven up your relationship and add a touch of playfulness. Sexy time is adult’s playtime – so, don’t be afraid to let your adventurous, erotic self come out!

Here at Mentionables, we have three fun games to choose from:

  1. Let’s Reconnect Card Game – 52 conversation starters to spark more thoughtful discussions.
  2. Truth or Dare Card Game – 20 cards with unique truth questions or dare tasks.
  3. Bedroom Dice Game – Comes with 2 dice, one for different body parts and the other for an intimate action.

We recommend using our Let’s Reconnect game first to create an emotional connection; it’s beyond perfect for date dinner convos. Afterward, move on to our Truth or Dare or Bedroom Dice game to amp up the spice in private later. Try one or all three and see where things lead. 

Fun Things to Spice Up the Bedroom: Using Toys in the Bedroom

If you’re new to toys, don’t worry – there are many different kinds out there, meaning there’s bound to be one or two that suit you. A bullet vibrator, for example, is a great beginner toy for those who may be scared to dive in. Use your creativity here and be willing to explore. 

It may be trial and error at first, but remember – sex is meant to be fun, so enjoy playing! 

Toys range from vibrators to handcuffs to blindfolds and beyond. Toys can help provide unique sensations and stimulate various erogenous zones more intensely, making for stronger and various kinds of orgasms. You may even be able to experience multiple orgasms. 

For a list of our recommended customer faves, check out our blog post  for the 411 on toys. 

Fun Things to Spice Up the Bedroom: Flirty Texting and Pictures Throughout the Day

Remember your dating days with your SO and the anticipation you felt waiting for any contact from them? Seeing their name pop up on your phone would flood you with feelings of overwhelming happiness and love. Well, guess what? You can still have that!

Adding spice to your relationship doesn’t always have to include overtly sexual things. Just like in your favorite rom-com or romance novel, the build-up from teasing banter or suggestive pictures can be enough excitement to start a slow burn that grows over time.

With flirty texts and pictures, you may worry about privacy or security. We love using the Initmately Us App for those intimate chats. You can send secure encrypted texts and images worry-free while accessing conversation prompts to get your simmering fire roaring.  

Fun Things to Spice Up the Bedroom: Sexy Date Night and Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking to save time and the hassle with something already curated for you that also ships right to your doorstep, we have two great choices for you:

First is our Date Night Bundle which features some fun things to spice up the bedroom that we covered above, plus a few extra goodies. The specially-crafted box by Mentionables includes: 

The other option is from our friends at The Dating Divas with their Sexy Subscription Boxes. These come once a quarter and contain enough surprises to last you through your next delivery. Each box is unique and crafted for fun and sizzle. A few things in the Dating Divas box are:

  • Position Ideas 
  • Sexy games
  • Toys for couples
  • Mood enhancers
  • Thoughtful conversation starters

Fun Things to Spice Up the Bedroom: Mentionables Lingerie

Unsurprisingly, our favorite suggestion for fun things to spice up the bedroom is wearing lingerie. 

Wearing lingerie can be a real treat, for both of you. It’s all about the tantalizing peek of skin in beautiful fabrics and sultry cuts that can drive your partner wild with desire – not to mention the confidence boost you feel from seeing your partner’s reaction. You can score extra points if you incorporate roleplay with lingerie, as well – think pirate maid in a corset top or a damsel in distress in a strappy caged-style teddy. Anything goes, as long as you two are having fun.

At Mentionables, we have gorgeous lingerie pieces in all different cuts, colors, fabrics, and sizes at prices that won’t break the bank. We display all our lingerie model-free so that you can envision yourself wearing each piece and feel safe letting your partner shop, too. 

PROTIP: Try wearing lingerie on your next date night out, but put them under your clothes. Make sure to let your partner get a mouthwatering sneak peek of your unmentionables for later. 

Have We Gotten You Excited With These Fun Things to Spice Up the Bedroom?

To end things with a bang, here are some honorable mentions of fun things to spice up the bedroom:

With these simple ideas, you can reignite the passion back into your relationship and have a blast doing it; all with minimal prep and planning – because who has time for that these days?

Which of these fun things to spice up the bedroom is your favorite and which one, or ones, will you be trying? Let us know below!

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