​​​​A woman's relationship with her lingerie is like that with her lipstick.
Like lipstick, lingerie is not necessary for beauty and need not be worn every day; instead she may put it on as an extra layer of confidence, femininity, or personality to compliment her already glorious self. Like lipstick, it may be intimidating at first (but we promise, you can pull it off!) Lingerie is worn first for her, can be worn alone or with love, and needs no occasion, though it compliments one well, adding an element of special to her plans or lack thereof.
Teddy: fitted bodysuit, shaped like a leotard
Babydoll: flowy short night dress fitted up top and flowy through the skirt
Chemise: fitted short night dress, hugs all the right places
Set: Matching sets of top + bottoms
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Bralette + Pantyeveryday underthings that can also be worn as lingerie
Padded pieces: include inserted cups for added shape and coverage
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