5 Easy Ways to Connect With Your Partner

Life is busy and it can be hard to find time to really connect and enjoy your time together as a couple every single day. In an ideal world, we’d be able to set aside hours of time each day to really spend with our significant other. Unfortunately, responsibilities and life get in the way of turning every night into a mini date night of sorts. I want to give you some ideas of simple, fast ways that you can use every single day to connect on a deeper level and strengthen your relationship.

quick connection ideas for couples

Quick Connection Ideas for Couples

1. Share a drink

Mix up your favorite drink at home and sit down and relax together while you drink it. You could also get out of the house to pick up a drink you love and drive around enjoying the view and each other’s company. The key to connecting in this situation is to set aside everything else and focus on your partner and sipping your drink.

2. Go to bed early

After our kids go to bed, it’s a mad dash to finish all of my projects for the day, and do the things that we can’t do when they are awake. Set aside one night a week that you don’t do extra projects at night, or cram as much in as you can before bedtime. Instead, turn in early and spend that time cuddling, talking and just being together. Don’t forget to leave your electronics outside the bedroom so you can connect without distractions, because even if you don’t plan to look at your phone, notifications going off can be distracting.

3. Take the dog for a walk

One of our favorite things to do together, from the beginning of our relationship, has always been to go on a walk together. We find that we’re able to relax and talk more easily when we’re also doing something that doesn’t take much brain power but keeps us moving. If you have a dog, this is the perfect opportunity to get their daily exercise in and use that time to connect with each other. If you don’t have a pet to walk, you can still get out and walk together, even just for 10 or 15 minutes.

4. Go for a drive

I have a scenic route near us that I love to drive and listen to music when I need time to connect with myself. Spending time in the car together, away from the responsibilities of home life, can be a great way to connect as a couple. It gives you opportunities to talk and explore the area where you live and just relax and unwind together. 

5. Play 20 questions

I’m always surprised when I learn something new about my husband’s interests or history that I didn’t know about before. Years into our relationship, we still don’t know each other completely. A fun way to connect and continue to get to know each other better is to play a quick game of 20 questions when you find yourself with a little extra time. Start asking questions about a topic or search online for ideas to get you started. You’ll find that some of the answers spark new questions or good conversation between the two of you.

I hope that you make efforts each week to spend more time together, even if it’s only a few minutes between activities or before work. Use these ideas for connection or come up with your own. The important thing is that you make time for your relationship daily and are intentional with your time and use it to better your relationship.

For more quick connection ideas and healthy relationship tips, visit A Prioritized Marriage.


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