Bride Tribe Fun: The Ultimate List of Bachelorette Party Games

Grab your sashes, tiaras, and bachelorette party games because it’s celebration time! 

Want to know the secret to planning an unforgettable bachelorette party? 

It’s not about the location or even the theme; it's all about the games and the people you’re with. After all, good times are guaranteed with a lively crowd and entertaining activities that bring everyone together.

If you’re hosting a bachelorette party soon, we’ve got you, girl. Get ready for some classic bachelorette party games with a twist, featuring plenty of lingerie-centered laughs. 

Keep on reading for our best crowd-pleasing bachelorette party games. 

Bachelorette Party Games: “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” 

How well do you know bride

It’s a perfect way to break the ice and see how much guests really know about the bride. 

To play, come up with a list of questions about the lady of the hour. If short on time, skip the DIY approach and print off a free online questionnaire, like this one. Keep in mind – the juicier the questions, the more fun!

Some questions you can include:

  1. When did the bride know (partner’s name) was the one?
  2. Who is the bride’s celebrity crush?
  3. What is the bride’s biggest pet peeve?
  4. Who was the bride’s first kiss?

Have the bride fill out the quiz in advance so there’s an answer key. Then, allow guests to write down their answers. Once everyone is finished, read out loud each question to see who answered correctly. Whoever gets the most questions right wins a playful prize, like a cheeky sleep mask or a sexy candle

PROTIP: Have a killer playlist going while playing bachelorette party games to keep the vibe energetic and carefree. We love this one, put together by One Fab Day. 

Bachelorette Party Games: Lingerie Dessert Game 

Lingerie Dessert Game

This game can get frisky, so if lots of family members are invited – maybe save this one for a GNO and also save our IG reel explaining it!

Assign each guest to bring a certain color lingerie they think matches the bride’s tastes. The bride can try on or hold up each piece for everyone to see. 

Here’s where the real fun begins. The group gives each piece the name of a dessert; here are some examples of what we mean:

You get the idea. 

On their honeymoon, the groom gets to order a dessert (a piece of lingerie) for each night.

PROTIP: Write down all the dessert name ideas to create a physical menu that the bride can give to the groom. This is one of those bachelorette party games that’s ultra-cute and spicy, right?

Bachelorette Party Games: “Drop Your Panties” 

Panty game

This is another one of our favorite bachelorette party games that involves a “get to know you” activity but with a fun spin. 

Here’s the setup and rules: Have each participant bring a new pair of sexy underwear but keep the owner anonymous. Put someone in charge of collecting all the panties, and keeping them hidden till game time. 

Remember: The underwear reflects the style of the person who brought them, not the bride. 

You can showcase the panties in various ways like: 

  • Making a panty clothesline to hang across a mantle. 
  • Putting them all in a clear vase or bowl to pull out.
  • Or keeping them in a bag as a surprise for all to see. 

The bride goes through each panty, trying to guess who it belongs to. You can allow her one or two guesses and if she doesn't get it right, set it aside to come back to later. Have a blast seeing if she can get them all and test your knowledge on how well you know your friends’ personalities. 

Bachelorette Party Games: Lingerie Bingo 


TIP: Use bachelorette party games, like this well-known one, as a way to keep guests engaged while the bride opens her gifts. 

Create or print bingo cards featuring: 

  • Different types of lingerie (think lacy bras, silk robes, and garter belts) 
  • Phrases (“cute”, “love”, or “thank you”) 
  • Things that might happen while opening the gifts (turns red, talks about the groom, the honeymoon). 

As the bride opens her gifts, players mark off the corresponding spaces. The first player to cross out five in a row and yell, “Bingo!”, wins.   

Bachelorette Party Games: The “Mr and Mrs” Game

A nod to the famous TV show, the Newlywed Game, and one of the most popular bachelorette party games that you’re probably familiar with. But just in case you’re not, here’s a quick recap on how to play: 

Put together a list of questions about the bride and groom – you can come up with the questions or use a printable list, like this one. Connect with the groom before the party to get his answers. He can write them down or even better, video him giving his responses to play at the party. 

A few ideas for questions:

  1. How did you first meet?
  2. Who’s the better cook?
  3. Who said “I love you” first?
  4. What is your partner’s worst habit?

Go through each question and have the bride give her answer, then read or show the groom’s response to see if they match. 

PROTIP: Have 10-15 questions to make things more fun and interesting. You can also switch things up by giving a prize to the bride only if she gets them all correct or having a punishment for each question she gets wrong. Keep punishments lighthearted though – this is a party after all!

Bachelorette Party Games: Positions Game 

And last, but certainly not least, this is one of our top bachelorette party games that’s sure to have you all collapsing into fits of giggles and turning red. Note – this game is not for the faint of heart, so make sure participants are game and able to move into different poses with their bodies. 

To play, write down a list of positions and have everyone get into pairs. Choose someone to read each position name. Participants have to quickly get into the position they think fits with that name. Some examples of positions are: 

  • Tabletop 
  • Butterfly 
  • Lotus
  • Bridge
  • Loveseat

  • Whichever pair nails the most positions correctly wins a prize.

    PROTIP: Choose positions with interesting names. The more unique and outrageous the name, the better. For ideas, check out Vanessa Marin’s Instagram highlight bubble on trying viral positions. 

    Gift Ideas For the Bride


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    Be the Hostess with the Mostess with Our Best Bachelorette Party Games

    We hope our bachelorette party games inspire your creativity and make party planning a breeze, ensuring the bride and guests have an unforgettable night of fun and laughter.

    Don’t forget to grab a piece for the bride from our bridal collection.

    Let us know of any other bachelorette party games you love and we can add them to our list to share!

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